Following are some resources that we found over time, mostly from other conformation dog owners. These sources are helpful for conformation and other dog performance events.

Puppy Culture - This site has videos for purchase to assist with training puppies how to stack for conformation showing.

Infodog - Site to find out information about dog shows, across the US

OFA Online - A site to look up health testing and results for canines

Post Pedigree - A site to research the pedigree for Rhodesian Ridgebacks

RRCUS - The Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the United States

Embark - Dog DNA Testing

DogFolK - Books and DVD's about Puppies Dog Structure by Pat Hastings


Rhodesian Ridgeback the Breed

If this is going to be your fist Rhodesian Ridgeback, it would be good to understand more about the breed. Following are some links to help with that understanding

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Breed Information